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Boowie & Louie

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Boowie & Louie



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Boowie & Louie is a co-op 3D platformer game in paused development. Inspired by games such as Toejam & Earl and Mario. The game features single player, co-op multiplayer, 6 different worlds, magic boxes, tomatoes, 50+ leves to explore, and a lot more.

The game features:

-More than 50 levels to explore (Subject to increase): There will be at least 8 levels per world.

-Secret levels, paths and items: Be aware or you will certainly miss something secret on the way. Some of them easy to find, but some of them very hard.

-Double the fun: Is there something better than a couch co-op?

-Mutiplayer freedom: Co-op is cool, but sometimes it gets very frustrating if you want to go to one place and your partner to another but you need to stick together because of the camera. Go wherever you want!

-Jump: Well, it’s a platformer right?

-Power-ups: Our heroes will need something to help them on their adventure. Nothing better than power-ups, they are very useful and you may need them to reach secret areas.

-Challenges and Puzzles: Expect to face challenges or puzzles which may allow you to access secret places, hidden items or just to continue your adventure.

-Magic Boxes: Oh yeah! Big surprises are waiting for you inside these boxes, better you be lucky.

-Tomatoes: Tomatoes everywhere, for good or for bad!

-Golden Eggs: You will need to find them in order to continue you progress in the game.

-Money: You can buy magic boxes, tomatoes and other stuffs with these little golden pieces.

-Bosses: These guys are tough, better prepare yourself before facing them and try to find out their weaknesses quickly.

–And a lot more!

The game feels a lot like the first Toejam & Earl game because of stuffs like presents, tomatoes, enemies AI and style, money, among other aspects. You can find tomatoes everywhere in the game and they will be your biggest weapon to face enemies. There are 3 different types: tomato, tomice and tobomb. You can freeze enemies and with the tobomb you can explode them and use it to find secret passages. The game also features different Worlds and Levels, these levels can be accessed by the “Hub World” where you can select which one you want to play.
To finish each level, you need to find and activate a magical hat to be able to teleport to the World Map again and select another level.
Each level will have an average of 3 golden eggs to find. These eggs play a significant role due to the limited accessibility to levels as you progress in-game, you need them to unlock bonuses, bosses and other levels.
The game also features power-ups that: turns you into a Wizard, which let you use tomatos, tomices and tobombs in 2 different ways each; can let you fly around for some time using the Pirocopter; attack enemies and fall slowly with an Umbrella.
And you can do everything above playing with friends or family in a cool co-op multiplayer!

The game has much more upcoming features!



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